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We are thrilled to share highlights from the COS 2024 Annual Meeting, that took place in Toronto, Ontario. Moments from our captivating scientific sessions, heartfelt award ceremonies, skills transfer courses, and self-assessment programs were captured beautifully. Visit the photo gallery to experience the excitement again! 




      Exhibit hall / Salle d'exposition






   Skills Transfer Courses (STC) / Cours de transfer de compétences






   Self Assessment Programs (SAP) / Programmes d'autoévaluation






   Current Concepts / Notions courantes






   Co-Developed Symposium: Eyes Forward / Symposium co-développé: Regard tourné vers avant






   Co-Developed Symposium: Unmasking the Scotoma / Symposium co-développé: Démasquer le scotome






   Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle






   Friday Sessions / Séances du vendredi






   Saturday Sessions / Séances du samedi